The MyWhoosh cycling game was updated to Version 3.4.0 on the 15th August 2023. (At the time of writing 2nd Oct, a couple of minor updates have been released and the MyWhoosh Version is now v3.4.3)

It was quite a major update – completely reinstalling the game and downloading all the Maps and Routes. For a Windows PC – this amounts to over 13gb of content.

As always with MyWhoosh updates, there is never a comprehensive list of updates; enhancements and bug fixes – you have to search for various bits of information.

Belgium – a new ‘world’ has been introduced; a major makeover of the Head Up Display (HUD) – a massive improvement, and new bikes and jerseys in the Garage.

Other new items released are On-Screen Steering; an Event Leader Beacon; Group Workouts; and improved Crowd / Spectator Dynamics. There is also a new Power Passport Test.

While the look and feel of the games has improved – very few of the new releases actually work as they should, there are bugs in virtually everything.

Let’s look at the biggest of the new features – Belgium, a totally new world, with 7 new routes – from Brussels Town Square, 8.2km with 0.0mts of climbing, (will make a brilliant Crit Circuit); up to the Ardennes, 30.6km with 321mtrs of climbing.

The scenery and graphics are totally stunning. There is no doubt that the Graphics Team have excelled themselves.

The HUD is now much easier to read, with the main information across the top centre of the screen. (Watts / Time Elapsed / Heart Rate / Cadence.

Speed / Ascent / MiniMap and Menu Controls are Bottom Left, with Nearby Riders, down the Right-Hand Side, just under the Route Elevation and Effort Zones in the Top Right-Hand Corner.

Very few if any bugs have been rectified – there just seems to be more of them.

For instance, on a Free Ride:

  • After completing a Route or a Segment, a Leaderboard slides out from the top left of the screen, no matter how fast or slow you ride, the Leaderboard will not add your name to the list.
  • If you are riding loops (say of Brussels Town Square above) the first circuit is fine, however, as you are approx ¾ of the way around the second circuit, you are thrown off your planned route onto a totally random hilly route.

Both these bugs have been reported to MyWhoosh, however, there seems to be no correction in sight, we are just told, ‘The Team are working on it.’

I can’t comment on the “On-Screen Steering, as I’ve not used it yet. Nor on the Leaders Beacon, as I’ve not seen it.

The Power Passport Test – seemingly a great idea. Keep a record of all your fitness and training progress – except, again, it doesn’t work. It is a 55min Test, but only about 30mins of information is uploaded to Strava.

There is no record kept of previous Tests, that are accessible to Riders, it doesn’t calculate a new FTP, and no one can explain, what it actually does. No-one is sure how it can be called a ‘record’.

Improved Crowd Dynamics – the roadside crowds of supporters are much improved – they jump up and down with excitement and wave flags and signs around – but there is no sound in any parts of the game, as it has been ‘turned off’ by MyWhoosh, with no indication of when, if ever, the in-game sounds will be turned on again.

Overall, a great game update – just a pity there are so many ‘bugs’ and nothing works properly.

While, the graphics and scenery re totally outstanding, more testing of new features need to be carried out before, so called, updates are released.

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