Welcome to Fitwins Unique Virtual Challenges.

Fitwins Unique Virtual Challenges are based on real routes from around the world.

They are an opportunity to win awesome medals and promotional prizes, whether you are cycling inside or outside, all your kilometres (or miles) count.

Our first Challenge is the Grand Tour of Great Britain, a 7 stage, two month Tour of the British Isles. (May & June 2021).

Our second challenge is the Grand Tour of France, a (up to) 3,000km tour of some of the iconic stages of the Tour de France. (July & Aug 2021)

Join us for the for the next Grand Tour – France.

Firstly, download the Fitwins App from the App Store or Google Play, then Sign Up for the next Grand Tour.


For full information on the Fitwins App and “How It Works”, please click the Button… You will be taken to the Fitwins site….

Download the Fitwins App

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Ride the Grand Tour of Great Britain

Sign up, enter the challenge and complete your challenge distance of 50km, 100km, 200km, 500km, 1000km, 2000km or 3000km+ miles in total during the two months of May and June 2021.

You can enter via the Fitwins App available on the Google Playstore and the Apple Appstore.

App entry will provide a fully-interactive experience and has lots of interactive features to support you in your challenge.

It is free to download and you can sign up and choose your challenge entry with the app.

There are three challenge entry options within the app (gold, silver and bronze entry)

Complete challenge milestones and see your progress along the virtual route with the Fitwins App.

All rides on Strava sync automatically with the Fitwins App. As you ride you will complete stages of the Grand Tour of Great Britain, completing milestones on the route, in addition to stages.

You can also create groups and invite others to join you and track their progress with the Fitwins App.

If you enter as a gold challenge entry you will receive the limited edition medal, certificate and Tribe nutrition bar.

If you enter as a bronze entry, you do not receive the medal but can access the challenge, create groups and follow the interactive route.

The medal ribbon you receive with a gold entry will depend on the distance you cover during the challenge, with 7 stages in the following order:

    1. Windsor to London 50km                                    (50km ribbon)
    2. Reading to Oxford 50km                                      (100km ribbon)
    3. Swansea to Cardiff 100km                                   (200km ribbon)
    4. Londonderry/Derry to Belfast 300km               (500km ribbon)
    5. Edinburgh to York 500km                                    (1000km ribbon)
    6. London to Glasgow 1000km                                (2000km ribbon)
    7. Glasgow to London 1000km                                (3000km ribbon)

For further information, download the Fitwins app or check our guide.

Stages will be completed in order.

If you ride a total of 550km in May and June 2021 you will receive a Grand Tour medal with a 500km ribbon in your pack as a gold entry.

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