CycPlus AS2 Pro Max Tyre Inflator – 5* Tiny Pump, Big Performance.

Having been riding a road bike for over 40 years, I have always taken out with me a light-weight mini pump, and for the last 10 years at least 2 x CO2 canisters as well.

Both items are useful… however, the pumps are pretty useless and take ages to get the pressure up to 80 or 100psi and the canisters have no gauge to judge the pressure. (And always manage to freeze your fingers off, when being used).

I have been looking for a ‘mini’ inflator for some years and came across the CycPlus AS2 Pro Max, ordered it and it was delivered in a very short time.

The CycPlus AS2 Pro Max is a game-changer for cyclists who want a powerful and portable pump. Here’s are my headlines and why it deserves a perfect 5* rating:

Compact and Lightweight: This pump is shockingly small and light, easily fits in a jersey pocket or backpack. No more lugging around pumps and CO2 cartridges.

Fast Inflation: Don’t waste time by the roadside. The AS2 Pro Max inflates tyres quickly, reaching up to 120 PSI in around 75 seconds.

Accurate and Easy to Use: The built-in gauge and auto-stop function ensure you get the perfect pressure every time. Plus, switching between Presta and Schrader valves is a breeze.

Digital Readout: The clear LCD screen displays real-time pressure, battery life, and lets you set the different pressure units. (PSI or BAR)

Long Lasting Battery: A single charge offers over 200 inflation cycles, with a convenient Type-C USB charging port for easy power-ups.

Durable Design: Made from high-quality aluminium alloy, this pump feels built to last. It even comes with a protective case and splash-proof pouch.

Overall, the CycPlus AS2 Pro Max is the ultimate tyre inflator for any cyclist. It’s powerful, portable, and packed with features. No more flat tyre anxiety – this little pump has you covered!

The CycPlus AS2 Pro Max Tyre Inflator is a popular choice among cycling enthusiasts.

A more detailed review aims to provide an in-depth analysis of its features, performance, and overall value.

Design and Build Quality:

The CycPlus AS2 Pro Max Tyre Inflator boasts a sleek and compact design, making it easily portable for on-the-go use.

Constructed of high-strength aluminium alloy and an ultra-light brushless motor.

The build quality is impressive, with durable materials that ensure longevity and reliability, with an overall weight of just 205grams.

Its ergonomic design and clear display make it user-friendly for individuals of all skill levels.

It’s small dimensions just come out at 60mm x 32mm x 81mm


Equipped with a powerful motor, the AS2 Pro Max inflates tyres swiftly and efficiently.

It has a maximum pressure capacity of 120psi, allowing it to handle various types of tyres, including those found on road bikes, mountain bikes, and the new style of gravel bikes.

The accuracy of the pressure gauge is commendable, ensuring precise inflation according to the user’s requirements.

120psi in just 75 seconds. With a + or – of 1psi.


One notable feature of the AS2 Pro Max is its versatility.

It comes with multiple nozzle attachments, enabling it to accommodate different valve types, Presta and Schroeder

Additionally, it includes a built-in LED light, providing convenience and safety during low-light situations or emergencies.

The LED Screen display provides real-time air pressure, totally adjustable units and the battery life, making everything clear and straightforward.


The device is straightforward to use, with intuitive controls and a clear digital display that shows the current pressure reading.

The power source options, which include both a rechargeable battery and a standard Micro ‘C’ USB adapter make it suitable for use both at home and on the road. 1 hour to a fully charged state.

The inclusion of an automatic shut-off feature prevents over-inflation, adding to the overall user experience.


  • Fast and efficient inflation
  • Versatile nozzle attachments
  • Accurate pressure gauge
  • Portable and user-friendly design
  • Built-in LED light for convenience and safety


  • Some users may find the price point relatively high compared to similar models
  • The rechargeable battery may require frequent charging for heavy users

In the Box:

  • 1 x Inflator
  • 1 x Presta Valve Converter
  • 1 x Schrader Valve Convertor
  • 1 x Silicone Case
  • 1 x Hose
  • 1 x Splash Proof Pouch
  • 1 x Seal Part
  • 1 x cable
  • 1 x Ball Needle
  • 1 x Instructions


Overall, the CycPlus AS2 Pro Max Tyre Inflator stands out as a reliable, high-performance inflator suitable for a wide range of applications.

Its durable build, impressive functionality, and user-friendly design make it a valuable companion for all cyclists.

Despite the slightly higher price point, the quality and features offered by this inflator make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a dependable and versatile inflation solution.

I hope you find this review helpful in making an informed decision about the CycPlus AS2 Pro Max Tyre Inflator.


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