Sports Glasses Online is the online outlet for Eyepod Eyewear Opticians, based in the West Midlands.

As opticians with over 30 years’ experience, we recognised the need for a range of prescription eyewear which can be worn when enjoying sporting activities.

We have designed and developed a range of sports glasses which are not only fashionable but give clarity of vision in all light conditions.

A Visit To The Cycle Show 2016

In September 2016, I took a trip to the NEC (National Exhibition Centre) to visit The Cycle Show.

I had been meaning to visit for a while, but a day off seemed too good an opportunity to miss… Looking for any bargains that might be there…

I came across Chris and the EyePod Team in the Retail Hall…

I had been looking for a pair of cycling glasses for some time, but as I wear varifocal glasses, I wasn’t sure if a wraparound pair of cycling glasses would take varifocal lenses.

Chris assured be there would be no problem… so I selected a pair, some measurements were taken, and a pair ordered.  I had my prescription at home, so it was no problem to send a copy to the team.

The new glasses arrived a couple of weeks later – they were great… if a little large / loose… I was concerned that they would slip off and be damaged…

A quick call to Chris and a new pair were sorted out…a great fit, comfy grips to the side of the head, and a good fit around the bridge of the nose.

I was wearing them when I had my accident, and they were badly damaged… the left lens springing out, scratches all over the frame and both lenses, and blood completely coating them. Not really fit to be repaired.

However, Chris to the rescue and a short while later a new pair were forthcoming. (For a nominal price).

I wear them every time I’m out on the bike, or even on the Turbo Trainer.

Altogether a very satisfactory experience…

Whatever your sport

Take a looks at the Sports Glasses Range:

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