The Life & Times of an Ageing MAMIL…

Hi, welcome to… A Man On A Bike… the Life and Times of an Ageing MAMIL.

My name is Paul Ashbury, and for the last 25+ years I have been riding a road bike… so tips, ideas and random thoughts from somebody who should know better…

This is a website for the passion of cycling related items, ideas and projects. It is a personal website, all about the cycling concepts that interest me.

From, adventures on a bike; my involvement with SpeedX Bikes and their spectacular rise and fall; some of the brands and products I’m interested in; to some sporadic thoughts about cycling, life and business in general.

I’ve tried to make the site as unique and as informative as possible. If there is anything you agree (or disagree) with, why not talk with me?

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Wot.! No Cav…

Wot.! No Cav…

Mark Cavendish - the “Manx Missile” will, this year, not be defending his Green Jersey at the 2022 Tour de France. A couple of days before the start of the TdeF, Cavendish won the British National Road Championship for the second time in his career. However, news has...

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A Good Read #4

A Good Read #4

Santa was very generous this year, and managed to fit 2 new books into my Christmas Stocking. Mountains According to G by Geraint Thomas and Tour De Force by Mark Cavendish. Mountains According to G was published in 2020 and is an “inside guide to twenty-five of the...

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