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It is now some 5 years since my SpeedX Leopard Pro was delivered, on a cold wet Thursday, at the end of January 2017.

Most of the Leopards and Leopards Pro’s were delivered in the early part of, or towards the middle of 2017. However, some bikes in the United States of America were received during the last few months of 2016.

So, 5 years on, I think the big question is, has it been a good bike? Was it worth the investment? Was it worth all the hassle?

The general consensus, from the Facebook SpeedX Riders Group, is a resounding YES!

Some members have been disappointed, but that was more about the demise of the company than the bike itself.

My Black and Red Leopard Pro has been ridden in the region of 25,000mls (40,000kms).

Admittedly, most of these miles have been on a smart trainer and not on the road – however, a number road miles are available for comparison.

Like many members of the Group, I have made a number of changes to the bike; removed the SpeedForce Computer / Stem, removed the battery, changed the handle bars, and changed the wheels.

This has reduced the overall weight of the bike from the original 9.03kg (19lbs 14oz) to 8.07kg (17lb 12 oz).

My overall impression is that it is still a very fast, very aero bike.

Some comments from other SpeedX Riders:

“I loved my Speedx. I called her Black Beauty. She was FAST!! I took a few KOM’s with her and planned to take many more.

I was forced to move on when she was taken from me while driving home (she was on the back of my car, and I got rear ended).”

“I was excited and took my time assembling it. I finally took it on my maiden voyage, I loved it. Fast forward to now, I still have as my primary bike.”

“Still riding my pro, new stem and removed battery and rear light, rides like a dream.”

“I still have this beauty (Leopard Pro) in my possession and have never been disappointed. I was among the first backers to receive the bike.”

“Still riding my black beauty Pro weekly. Regularly service it and still a great ride.”

“Still riding my Pro!! Love it as a raw bike.”

“My Pro is still hale and hearty! Her nickname is Fiona and is ridden about 3x as much as her Italian sister, Francesca.”

“No regrets still riding it still a beauty still the lingering disappointment but it’s a beautiful bike much gratitude for the privilege to own one and ride one.”

“I changed the wheels and seat but the rest is stock. still my main road bike. still turning heads. still love it.”

(All comments are from the Facebook SpeedX Riders Group – posted 16th Jan 2022 @ 14:45hrs)

It has been an adventure; the bike itself is brilliant; the after sales service was non-existent; the company was driven by ego and greed; however, when it collapsed a great opportunity was lost for ever.

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