In 2013 a small book was published called “The Rules – The Way of the Cycling Disciple.”

It was written by a group of passionate cyclist who called themselves the Velominati.

With the explanation that; “ is one of the world’s most popular and rapidly growing websites.”

There are 95 Rules contained in the book, that cycling enthusiasts are encouraged to follow.

Here are 5 Rules, that everyone, not just cyclists should follow.

RULE #1 – Obey the Rules.

Every walk of life has written & unwritten rules.

Not following the Rules can mark you out as a troublemaker, at the very least they will make you unpopular, at the worst they can get you into serious trouble.

Obeying or following the rules, will make life easier for you and your friends or colleagues.

Or as ‘The Rules’ say: “We are cyclists. The rest of the world merely ride a bike.”

Obey The Rules.

RULE #2 – Lead by Example.

Whether you are cycling, working or just friends – Lead by Example.

“It is forbidden for someone who is familiar with the Rules, to knowingly assist another person to break them.”

RULE #3 – Harden The **** Up.

Everything about cycling involves suffering, discipline and dedication. It is in a word Hardness.

The key to becoming a better cyclist is based on your capacity of how much you can suffer. Or how much you are prepared to suffer for your sport.

Crashes and injury are all part of our sport – and the greater the suffering the greater the likelihood of being a winner.

RULE #19 – Introduce Yourself.

If you are out on a solo ride and a group catches up with you, and you think you would like to join them for a few miles, it is customary and courteous to introduce yourself and ASK if you may join the group.

The silent joiner is just ill mannered.

It is the same in any other situation – introduce yourself in groups and situations where there are a number of people you don’t know.

If, like me, you are an out and out introvert, you will avoid group situations at all costs.

RULE #87 – The Ride starts on Time. No Exceptions.

The advantages of leaving on time or starting that meeting on time are considerable.

Late comers will be late exactly once.

You demonstrate, not with words but actions, your commitment to the task in hand.

Making allowances for people who are habitually late does not help them, it only reinforces their belief that everybody else in the world will wait for them.

Thereby, inconveniencing everybody who has turned up early or on time.

If the Ride or Meeting starts at 10am… You start off at 10am… you don’t say; Oh we just have to wait for so and so… it is disrespectful to everyone else.

These 5 Rules apply to riding your Bike and also apply to life and business in general. They are design to help you become a better rider, they will also help you become a better person.

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