3 Successful Kickstarter Projects:

I first became involved with Kickstarter early in 2016, when I saw a social media post regarding a new ‘smart’ bike, which was being launched via the Kickstarter platform.

Over the last few of years, I have pledged to support a number of different projects.

Here are 5 projects that have been successful in having all the required funds pledged. All these different projects had different requirements, and the monies involved varied from a few pounds; up to a couple of thousand.

1             SpeedX Leopard Pro:

My very first Kickstarter pledge; 28th March 2016.

The Campaign introduction began:  “SpeedX Leopard is the only smart aero road bike with the ability to help you train and track your progress in real time.

Undistracted Pleasure. This is what SpeedX Leopard is all about. Riding is an activity that touches people’s mind. Riders want to be integrated with the bike, in each own rhythm, in fluency, without distraction. Leopard is ready to give the rider the ultimate road experience.

Built with aesthetics and performance in mind. The Leopard will surpass your every riding need: whether for intense training and competition or a Sunday spin with friends, it offers unparalleled comfort and enjoyment.”

There were 2 models, the Leopard and the Leopard Pro – each with very different specifications. I chose to go for the Leopard Pro… a ‘better spec’ that the Leopard.

Delivery, was supposed to be mid-2016, however, it was eventually delivered in January 2017.

By the time the Campaign closed, 1,251 people had pledged $2,319,876 USD.

This Campaign was also repeated on the Indiegogo Crowdfunding Platform with a further 604 people pledging $800,000 USD.

2             Upside Down Bike Rack:

The Upside Down Bike Rack, was exactly what it said ‘on the tin’. Instead of securing your bike by its wheels on your roof bars, you turned the bike upside down and secured it by the saddle and the handlebars.

The Campaign information stated:
The ride may not be easy, but getting there will be with this innovative, portable bike rack design.
Flexible – Road bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes, kids bikes. This rack has all your options covered.

Portable – Ride whenever, wherever. It’s compact, transferable across cars in seconds and is only on when you need it.

Quality – Designed and crafted for high strength and soft touch, all tested beyond the highest standards.

Soft Grip – The Upside Rack doesn’t touch your frame. It gently secures your bike via the seat and handlebar. Fast On and off in seconds. Only one clamp to tighten the whole Upside system.

This was great concept, and worked very well, however, my SpeedX Leopard Pro could not be secured on the Rack, as the integrated computer on the handlebars, meant they did not fit.

I therefore, had no option, but to return the Rack. It was a shame, as the bike would now fit, having taken off the computer.

The total amount pledged was $35,130 AUD from 140 backers.

3             Freedom Cycle Systems:

The Freedom Cycle System, was the development of the humble water bottle, to be secured on the bike by a central pin, and not held in a cage.

The Campaign intro: A new way to carry your water bottle in fact anything on your bicycle. Perfect for Triathletes, Female Cyclists in fact anybody.
The humble bicycle is the world’s most energy efficient form of transport. It has largely remained the same in shape and form for the last 100 years.

Of course, some things have altered, weight and frame design, wheels, group-sets, handlebars and much more.

However, one component has largely remained unchanged… and that is the WATER BOTTLE.

The cage, by design, needs to be smaller than the bottle it holds…making it difficult to remove, and replace.

The cage could only ever hold a bottle. – The shape of the bottle is constrained by the shape of the cage.

The ‘Triangle’ is the most useful area on a bike to carry anything…but at present it can only carry a water bottle!

With the Freedom System you can carry anything that will mount on a PIN!

For years we have worked tirelessly to not only make our traditional bottle the best there is, but to offer other elements that will also fit on the pin, therefore making this the only true universal carry system for cycles.”

This was the second time Freedom Cycle Systems, launched their Aero Water Bottles on Kickstarter. This time they were very successful, with 79 Backers, pledging a total of $8,131 AUD to bring the project to life.

The A Man on a Bike website, has been selling these Aero Water Bottles, since they were introduced.

However, the hoped for different products, have never materialised.

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