For some months now, I have been using the Fitwins Fitness App to log my Virtual Miles.

The creators would like to improve the App, by adding new features, including Street View to the Google Maps.

To fund this, they are looking at crowdfunding – using the Crowdfunder platform.

With a £5,000 target to be raised during October, it is going to be an interesting month.

This is the Appeal from Carl Ryde (The Founder of Fitwins).

I created Fitwins 2 years ago and we have fully-funded the development of a motivational fitness app with a growing community.

We are adding more features to the app and all income is spent on development.

After 25 months of losses (as a start-up), and never breaking even, I have continued to fund development features and create value for our awesome users, putting users first and at the heart of what we do to get people motivated.

We welcome all people to try our app, and run, walk or cycle and see their progress along the interactive challenge, and best of all, you can earn an awesome medal each month for completing one of our challenges.

You can check out our awesome five-star rated Fitwins app on the Playstore and the App Store.

The money raised will pay for the development of new features, and allow us to add in street view, so you can see where you are on the virtual route (with a real view) whether that is running the Grand Canyon, Great Wall of China, cycling in New York or the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco; Fitwins challenges will be able to take you anywhere, on a virtual journey and help with fitness motivation.

If we raise additional funds, beyond what is needed, EVERY penny/cent/dollar/euro WILL be spent on app development features, including creating community groups, additional links to sync with Garmin, Runtastic, Endomondo, Apple Health, Fitbit AND Google Fit.

Your contribution will build something awesome and YOU will be a part of this.

We also have some great rewards too for people who support us.

You can donate any amount to the Crowdfund Appeal. Any amount however, large or small, will be used to help us in developing the Fitwins App for you. There is no minimum donation.

In supporting us, you become part of our awesome community and will have played a part in helping to create a fitness platform that is sustainable, and will continue.

My vision is to offer a unique virtual fitness experience, and if you donate any amount, you will be the first to see it, and I will be very grateful for your support.

Keep being awesome.

Thank you for your support

Carl Ryde
Fitwins Founder

PS. You do not need to make a minimum reward, any amount helps, £1, $1, you can simply donate. What I do guarantee, is that I will greatly value your help in supporting the development of an awesome app. Let’s make this happen!

I’m going to ask that everyone joins in this appeal and makes it happen.!!

Donating any amount will help. Large or Small, it will bring a few new features to an already 5* Motivation and Fitness App.

Donate Here:

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