The Grand Tour of Great Britain started on 1st May 2021 and continued for two months, through May and June.

It is a 3,000 km, 7 Stage Virtual Road Cycling Tour through the United Kingdom including a 500km stage through Northern Ireland.

On completion you receive a Medal and a certificate.

The gold medal will have a special ribbon for the total distance (50km, 100km, 200km, 500km, 1000km, 2000km, or 3000km +) that is covered by cycling during the period of the challenge (2 months).

The Stages ran as follows:

Windsor to London 50km (50km ribbon)
Reading to Oxford 50km (100km ribbon)
Swansea to Cardiff 100km (200km ribbon)
Londonderry/Derry to Belfast 300km (500km ribbon)
Edinburgh to York 500km (1000km ribbon)
London to Glasgow 1000km (2000km ribbon)
Glasgow to London 1000km (3000km ribbon)

Stages are completed in order.

Complete each challenge milestones and you can see your progress along the virtual route with the Fitwins App.

All rides on Strava sync automatically with the Fitwins App.

As you ride you will complete stages of the Grand Tour of Great Britain, completing milestones on the route, in addition to stages.

You can also create groups and invite others to join you and track their progress with the Fitwins App.

3,000kms in 61 days would be some riding… that works out at 49kms (30mls) per day.

I managed a total of 1,400.51kms (870mls) in 49hrs 13min 47secs giving me an average speed of 28.45kph (17.68mph). Riding 42 days over the two months.

A couple of participants did manage the total of 3,000kms over the 2 months… Some riding…!

I’m looking forward the next Challenge – The Grand Tour of France with some of the iconic TdeF climbs and destinations.

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