Fitwins Virtual Challenges:

FITWINS means winning physically, winning mentally, taking on a challenge and smashing your goals.

Throughout 2020, as well as my usual riding on Zwift, I was also taking on a number of Virtual Challenges.

These included, Lands End to John O’Groats, The Ring of Kerry, and a number of other recognised routes.

Usual rules apply, pay the entry fee, ride the distance and claim your medal.

Some of the Challenges are linked to Strava, so there is no need to submit your results, Strava links back to the Challenge and each ride is recorded and your cumulative distance, complete the distance.

There are a number of companies that provide Virtual Challenges, some are very good, some not so good. The quality of the medals varies as well. The plastic ones are pretty poor, however, the die-cast coloured metals ones, can look great.

Trawling the Internet, I came across FITWINS ( in Oct 2020, I liked the set-up and the way it was organised, however, it only seemed to cater for runners.

I contacted Carl Ryde, the Founder and CEO of Fitwins, to see if I, as a cyclist, could join in, he replied that it was currently only for Runners, however, they were working on a Cycling Version of their App to be introduced in early Spring 2021.

Carl contacted me early 2021 to say that the launch of Fitwins Cycling was imminent, and did I want to join in… Of course, I said yes…

Getting involved is very simple…

I downloaded the App (available in Android and iOS versions) and registered an account for myself…

Linked my Account to my Strava Account, and away we go…

And then registered for the First Ever Fitwins Cycling Event – the 2-month Grand Tour of Great Britain, that was scheduled for May & June 2021.

From the Fitwins Site: (

It started with a run…

I was looking forward to my usual ten mile run home from work. It was a glorious summer evening and I was feeling great; each mile split was getting faster so I decided to just enjoy the ride.

I stopped my watch at the end in 57mins and commented to my wife (Tracy) that I’d had a good run and told her the time. ‘You’d have won a prize if you did that in race,’ was Tracy’s response.

As I was sat having my post-run latte, an idea came in my head – ‘Why shouldn’t I get a medal? Why shouldn’t I get a prize? Why shouldn’t I get something for my training? I’m doing lots of miles each month with nothing to show for it.’

And so, the idea of Fitwins Virtual Challenges was born.

There are lots of Cycling Challenges to come – the Grand Tour of France (July & August), the Grand Tour of Italy (September & October), etc each one will last 2 months, have 7 stages and approx. 3,000 kms of cycling.

The stages are between 50kms and 1,000kms – and with integrated Google maps, you can see where you are all times.

A great way to keep fit and keep motivated…

With a last word from Carl:

Our priority is to develop a positive online community that celebrates and promotes an active lifestyle.

Managed by experts in health and fitness, FITWINS seeks to share expertise and guidance to keep you on track in your pursuit of health and fitness goals.

Our monthly challenges offer you the opportunity to win high-quality medals, awards and products from our partners for completing virtual fitness activities.

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