Cycling Clothing:

Lycra is a cyclist’s best friend! To enjoy road cycling, you need to wear the right type of clothing; however, this does not mean that you have to fill your wardrobe with Lycra.

It does help with your comfort if you wear some clothes that are specific to road cycling. Not only will this ensure a better riding experience, but it also ensures quicker riding.

Fit is the most important aspect to choosing your road cycling clothing. Colours and designs, apart from making sure that you are seen, are minor points to consider.

Road Cycling clothing is always better if it is close fitting. It does not have to be skin tight, looking like an overstuffed turkey, is generally not a good look. Professional cyclists usually wear skintight suits… but as long as the clothes you are wearing do not flap around in the wind, it is not going to make a lot of difference.

Make sure that it fits you perfectly because you are going to spend long hours on the road and you want to make sure that everything is comfortable and right. So, before you put your money down to buy your clothes, make sure that you try on the garments to ensure a good fit.

The two basic items for road cycling are the Jersey Tops and Shorts.


While the vast majority of cyclists wear ordinary clothing while riding, a cycling jersey offers advantages for the road cyclist.

To start with, they are cut long in the back to accommodate the bent-over position used in road cycling. Pockets are positioned on the back as front pockets would tend to spill. The zip is usually full length so that the cyclist can open up the jersey to allow for ventilation.

The cycling jersey is usually worn with a tight fit in order to reduce air resistance. And are usually made from a material designed to wick moisture from the skin, keeping the cyclist cooler and more comfortable.

Cycling Shorts:

Are short, skin-tight leg-wear designed to improve comfort and efficiency while out cycling.

Modern cycling shorts are usually made of Lycra with synthetic padding, which acts as an elastic barrier between the cyclist’s body and the saddle. The shape used for the chamois on women’s cycling shorts are quite different from those used for men’s.

The vast majority of cyclists favour the style of shorts known as “Bib Shorts.”

Bib shorts are cycling shorts that are held up by a bib (integral style braces) instead of an elastic waistband. Road Cyclists tend to prefer bib shorts over non-bib shorts due, to the tightness that often occurs with an elastic waistband.

The bib part of the short is often made of Lycra and polyester with large sections of netting to help keep the rider cool. . When choosing bib shorts, you need to make sure that their braces are long enough to reach over your shoulders without causing any discomfort.

Other items that you might want to consider are a wind / rain jacket for those more inclement days; T-shirt style base layers help to wick the sweat away from your skin, and help keep you more comfortable.

When choosing road cycling clothing, it is very important that you do not wear anything that inhibits your ability to cycle freely. Any item of clothing that prevents you from handling the bike properly should be avoided.

The bottom line is that the right kind of road cycling clothing can make your rides a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. The wrong clothes on the other hand will prevent you from handling your bike properly and can cause unnecessary problems.

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