Turbo Trainer – Elite Drivo II

The most accurate interactive home trainer in the world – so reads the promotional material for the Elite Drivo 2 Turbo Trainer.

Drivo II’s colour catches your eye right away – black, sporty and aggressive just like its core, with an internal power meter that makes it the most accurate interactive home trainer in the world.

The new Drivo has wide supporting legs that improve the balance of the trainer, even when you’re standing.

The trainer adjusts resistance in the blink of an eye – It’s powerful, quiet and fluid, just like pedalling outdoors on your bike.

The Drivo II uses a new design of OTS (Optical Torque Sensor) that ensures training accuracy. This sensor is an innovative integrated power meter that measures power output with +/- 0.5% accuracy.

Thanks to a more precise OTS, Drivo 2 is the most accurate home trainer you can find in the market right now.

Elite has made the Drivo 2 faster, and more responsive.

Its stepping motor can adjust the required resistance almost immediately to give you an exciting experience.
Whether you are facing a steep climb in an Elite Real video or the volcano in Zwift Drivo 2 immediately reacts.

Two rides in and I can certainly attest to the speed of the resistance kicking in. How accurate it is remains to be seen.

My Drivo 2 was delivered on Wed 2nd Jan 2019 as a replacement for my original Elite Qubo Smart Digital B+, which developed a problem, and was replaced by Evans Cycles and Elite under their 2 year Product Warranty.

It certainly looks the part and is very heavy and stable on the floor.

Assembly of the new trainer was straightforward. First fixing the wide legs on, and then adding the new cassette.

Didn’t add the extra spacing washer supplied by Elite, so had a few issues with the cassette; even removed the original cassette from my bike, but that didn’t work either!

Eventually, sorted it all out, however, I can’t change down to the smallest gear on the cassette, so a big problem going up any hills.

This will have to be sorted out as soon as possible.

Overall, a great product – not tried the software that comes with the trainer, nor as yet run a calibration test on the trainer.

Again all to be sorted in the next couple of weeks.

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